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The first Tribeless Conversation was borne of a need to gather.

On 30 September 2016, 10 strangers gathered in a café. They were as diverse as they come — from beatboxers to developers, Russia to Rawang. They talked about their dreams, hopes, fears and failures; things they’d never even told their loved ones.

By the time the shutters closed, their hearts were full to bursting.

A month later, another group of strangers gathered.

And another. And another.

There was just something about sharing stories with like-minded strangers. It stripped us of our facades; allowed us to connect on a deeper level.

A high-flying corporate banker actually came to a session in tattered shorts and no make-up. “You said to come as myself, so here I am,” she told us, grinning. (She eventually became one of our Tribeless Hosts in KL.)

As the number of Conversations grew, an interesting pattern started to emerge.

All of our Tribeless Conversations were able to create a safe space for everyone to open up and empathize with one another, no matter how diverse the group.

Even as the Conversations spread to 17+ cities across 3 continents, exchanging hands and on-boarding new Hosts, blossoming into a global community of 900+ — the culture of empathy remained.

How did we do it?

If we had to boil it down to one thing, it would be: authentic conversations.

According to Changing Minds, authentic conversations occur when we are being honest about what we think and how we feel.

When we are able to talk openly without fear of judgment, we can process difficult things like our fears and our shortcomings. We can cut to the heart of the matter and work through any misunderstandings. We can open ourselves up to everything we’ve ever wanted: love, respect, acceptance.

Authenticity, we’ve learned, is a contagion. By being as open, honest and vulnerable as possible, we are also giving others permission to do the same.

Authentic conversations are the key to building empathy in diverse groups of people.

And we wanted to share that with the world.

So we started asking ourselves the impossible:

‘What would the world look like if everyone could experience the magic of authentic conversation?’

After several months of brainstorming, testing and iterating, it finally hit us:

Tools were the easiest, most feasible way of spreading knowledge.

We’d originally wanted to create a simple card game for Tribeless Hosts to come up with conversation topics.

But what if we went one step further?

What if we turned the whole Tribeless Conversation — storytelling, listening, reflection and all — into a facilitation toolkit?

It could teach you how to speak with empathy. How to ask powerful questions. How to listen deeply and hold space. How to model the way to vulnerability.

Basically, every skill that makes a good conversationalist — and a good Tribeless Host.

All the mechanisms would be built into the toolkit, so you wouldn’t even notice it.

You’ll become more mindful, introspective and kind. You’ll learn more about yourself and others. You’ll improve your communication and facilitation skills. You’ll be a better person.

All the benefits of a Tribeless Conversation, packed into a single tool:

Empathy In A Box.

We are currently in the beta-testing phase for Empathy In A Box. If you are interested in testing the Box, sign up here.

Why are we doing this? Why are we investing so much time and effort into building empathy through conversation?

Because we know first-hand how much it’s needed.

We are a group of millennial misfits — college dropouts, entrepreneurs, and delinquent students. We saw the fork in the road, and chose to take the path less traveled. Living in an Asian society that’s rife with judgment, we’d resigned ourselves to a life of ostracization and isolation.

And then we found each other.

Now, we have the courage to dream – together. 🙂

We want to create a world where empathy is the norm and authenticity is a given.

Will you join us?

We’re in the process of testing the Box around the world. 🌎

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